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Wine Battles


July 31, 2023    
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

For our current Wine Battles, choose between “Not all Pink wine is Pink” or discover something new with “And Now for Something Completely Different🍇 Either way you’ll enjoy tasting new wines and have fun trying!


Wine Battles are an inventive and fun way to discover and compare interesting wines while supporting local non-profit organizations. Each blinded Wine Battle will pit 2-3 wines against each other centered around a theme. TASTE the wines, SCAN the QR Code and VOTE for your favorite. We’ll then reveal to you the wines you’ve tasted, and you’ll receive a follow-up announcement from WTB revealing the winning wine.

For every Wine Battle purchased, WTB will donate $1 to a featured local non-profit that changes each month. Contribute more by purchasing a bottle of one of the wines you enjoyed or any other bottle in our retail selection. For every bottle WTB sells, we’ll also donate $1 to this month’s nonprofit organization. So, eat, drink, and support your community with a “Buck A Battle, Buck A Bottle”!