Wine Battles

What pairs better with wine than supporting our local community?

Fight or Flight...

WTB Wine BattlesTM are an inventive and fun way to discover and compare interesting wines while supporting local non-profit organizations. Each blinded Wine Battle will pit 2-3 wines against each other centered around a theme. TASTE the wines, SCAN the QR Code and VOTE for your favorite. We’ll then reveal to you the wines you’ve tasted, and you’ll receive a follow-up announcement from WTB revealing the winning wine.

For every Wine Battle purchased, WTB will donate $1 to a featured local non-profit that changes each month. Contribute more by purchasing a bottle of one of the wines you enjoyed or any other bottle in our retail selection. For every bottle WTB sells, we’ll also donate $1 to this month’s nonprofit organization. So, eat, drink, and support your community with a Buck A Battle, Buck A BottleTM!

Wine Time Bluffton -- Battles

Let the Games Begin!

Our featured Wine Battles change every 2 weeks, so come back and Battle again to discover fabulous new wines and support our Lowcountry community.

Ask your server or bartender for more details and how to participate.

Battle Themes

  • Rags to Riches
  • With Age Comes Complexity
  • What’s Old is New Again
  • Same Grape, Different Regions
  • Technique is Everything
  • Not All Pink Wine is Pink!
  • Getting to Know Tannins
  • Traditional Vs. Non-Traditional Sparklers

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